bands i’ve seen live

i haven’t been keeping up with my list ‘cause i only put it on / edit it from facebook and i barely go on anymore. sooooo i decided to leave it here and edit it on here from now on :) there’s probably alot more bands that i’m forgetting hahah..

cobra starship [x6]
family force 5 [x3]
forever the sickest kids [x7]
the academy is… [x5]
this providence [x4]
big time rush [x4]
two door cinema club
mindless self indulgence [x2]
3OH!3 [x5]
kill paradise
new politics[x2]
you me at six [x5]
the neighbourhood
the 1975
30 seconds to mars [x2]
maroon 5
young the giant
foo fighters
innerpartysystem [x3]
you me & everyone we know [x3]
portugal. the man
the envy
the white tie affair [x3]
the birthday massacre
a rocket to the moon [x2]
the hush sound
metro station
the rocket summer [x3]
stereo skyline [x2]
simple plan [x2]
william beckett [x2]
the bigger lights [x4]
mayday parade [x4]
anarbor [x7]
tokyo police club [x3]
one direction
jackson guthy
ultraviolet sound
and then there were none [x2]
third eye blind
sleigh bells
wild cub
cara salimando
arkells [x2]
team goldie
twin atlantic [x5]
the swellers [x3]
go radio [x3]
tyler carter
magic man
red hot chili pipers
travie mccoy [x2]
conditions [x4]
cage the elephant [x2]
danger radio
new found glory
before their eyes [x2]
breathe carolina [x5]
neon trees
the reign of kindo
phone calls from home
100 monkeys [x2]
linkin park
the wonder years [x3]
days difference
sparks the rescue [x3]
chae hawk
call the cops [x2]
four year strong [x3]
jake bugg
city and colour
down with webster
half moon run
tonight alive
we are the in crowd
demi lovato
jason derulo [x2]
forgive durden
magic man
tanika charles & the wonderfuls
the summer set
lets get it [x2]
joe jonas
skylar gray
patrick stump [x2]
sean paul
the blue pages
silverstein [x2]
abandon all ships
i am ghost
taking back sunday [x4]
ludo [x2]
romance on a rocketship
the friday night boys [x2]
plug in stereo
white picket fence
breathe electric
the secret handshake
the scene aesthetic
the chain gang of 1974
the breathing tree [x3]
pierce the veil
the all american rejects
set it off
we are the ocean [x2]
he is legend
set your goals
armor for sleep
the dance party
the venetia fair
runner runner
every avenue [x3]
we the kings [x3]
my chemical romance [x2]
aurora [x2]
fight fair
cash cash
kelly clarkson
the mixtape
drop dead, gorgeous [x2]
the ready set [x2]
letterset [x4]
rookie of the year [x9]
the boy and his machine
as summer dies
crush, the everlasting
i call fives
mandy k
this is an empire
eyes set to kill
amely [x2]
meet me in march
blink 182
manchester orchestra
kills the moment
the morning light [x3]
fall out boy
+forty four
beat union
the bled
as tall as lions
the maine [x2]
young bloods [x2]
hit the lights [x2]
sing it loud [x2]
great big planes
the cab
steel train
inlite [x2]
kindergarten crush
stephen jerzak
the sheila devine
so far so good
sleepless city
what happened in vegas
morning californication
such gold
still rings true
city under siege [x2]
serves america right
thrown under the bus

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