blurry waiting for brandie and alex pic~ hehe (Taken with Instagram)
outfit for thursday :) #beautycomesfromwithin #beautythatshineswithin #closeenough #covergirl (Taken with Instagram)
ready for another long day at ambo. (Taken with Instagram at Amberleigh)
hello again thursday night karaokeee<3 (Taken with Instagram)
if i was rich, this is how i’d dress errday. (Taken with Instagram at J.Crew)
waiting for my flight to take off. #omahatochicago (Taken with Instagram at Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA))
going to pride in denver today, hollaaa! (Taken with Instagram)
your sundress reflects in the headlight glow (Taken with instagram)
…aaand back to procrastination (Taken with instagram)
neccessity for more tprov in my life = filled <3
workout mode #andrunninrunnin (Taken with instagram)
the second one is more indicative of the weather outside today.
swag for tomorrow. sorry for the overload of selfies lawlll
off to katies baby shower :) (Taken with Instagram at Suzanne’s Fine Dining)
new motivational mirror, thanks for the words of inspiration @heffrondrive <3 (Taken with instagram)